Tips On Marketing Your House For Results

How to Take a Professional Approach

Marketing is a considerable expense, however it is important to get it right from the start. It is best to work out a detailed plan with your agent that focuses on a concentrated marketing campaign. This means using various types of media at the one time to reach the greatest number of buyers. For example multiple internet sites, signboard, print advertisements and a letter box drop.

Your agent will prepare a plan to market your property. They will suggest professional photography and text. Attractive photos and words undoubtedly give you a greater chance of generating buyer attention.

Photographers will need to prepare your property before the photo shoot. Help them by out by keeping rooms tidy and uncluttered, remove photo frames and any other unnecessary objects. Fresh flowers always look fantastic and if you have a garden, ensure it is pristine as this is likely to be one of the main selling features.

Internet Marketing

In recent years, the internet has become one of the most popular ways to market your property. Websites such as, and are the first port of call for many buyers, as it is by far the most efficient way to view all properties for sale in the one place.

Buyers can register their details with these sites and new listings matching their criteria will instantly be sent to their inbox. Sellers can therefore be assured that the right buyers are being instantly directed to their property.

Another bonus for sellers is they can see how many times their property listing has been visited. Most websites provide a function that lists how many page visits you have had. We buy houses in Clearwater

Social networking sites such as Facebook also have an important place in the real estate arena. They provide an incredible platform to reach a mass audience. Most websites are affiliated with social networking sites.

Print Media

Despite the internet boom, the local paper still has a vital role to play in your advertising campaign. Buyers will tend to look on the internet, then check the local papers as a secondary but important reference. Houses advertised in the local papers often become the main talking point in many cafes and lounge rooms around Australia.

In addition, because the real estate section of the national papers has articles on market conditions, tips for buyers and sellers plus detailed lists of recent sales and auction results, buyers are drawn to the property lift out also as a research resource. Your property’s advertisement will also benefit from the increased readership.

So, the ritual of reading the Saturday real estate lift-out with your morning coffee is far from over. While there may be an online movement, it really pays to use both the internet and print media in your marketing plan, particularly for sellers having an auction who need to attract the greatest amount of buyers in the shortest amount of time.

Be Comprehensive

An experienced agent will recommend a marketing campaign that covers all bases, particularly when running an auction campaign. However, as the seller you have the final say and in most instances marketing is your expense, whether you achieve a sale or not. The less motivated you are to sell, the softer your approach may be.

A multi-faceted marketing campaign is likely to include an attractive signboard out the front of your home with the agent’s details in bold, your property listed on a number of websites with social networking alliances, a series of print advertisements in both the midweek and weekend papers plus professional brochures with a floorplan on the back are also great for the buyer to take home.

Most agents will have a database of active buyers that they are regularly in contact with, this enables the agent to be pro-active about introducing the right buyer to the right property.

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